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D-BONS is a graffiti writer from Onagawa, Miyagi prifecter/

He loves drawing since he was little, and got inspired by Hiphop culture at the age of 15, then started spray art.

There are not much information no entertainment in his town, so his style has become more unique and contains strength and message and shows his love to his hometown.

Summer of the last year of his high school, he met TOMI-E representing Japanese one of graffiti artists.

And 10 years later he became a member of ACC(Asian Can Controerz) lead by TOMI-E.

There are more than 50 of his art works in Onagawa, Ishinomaki, and Oshika peninsula, where he is based on.

He also draws for on almost anything such as CD cover, event flyers, signs for shops, and clothes.

After 3.11, He give high priority on working for something related to Onagawa such as drawing for event flyers.

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